You can choose the category of your competition:

Submission between 01 April 2021 und 30 April 2021.

Category I with up to 9 g/l residual sugar and up to 94.6 g/l existing alcohol → register
Category II with up to 9 g/l residual sugar and from 94.7 g/l existing alcohol → register
Category III from 9 up to less than 18 g/l residual sugar → register
Category IV from 18 up to less than 90 g/l residual sugar → register
Category V from 90 g/l residual sugar → register

Entry Fee: The entry fee is 45.- EUR for each wine (max. 4 wines per estate).

After arrival of the fee and the wine with fully completed wine profile forms a registration receipt will be sent to you.

Payment until 30 April 2021  (incoming) via bank transfer to the following account:

BodenseeWein e.V.:
Volksbank Überlingen
IBAN DE02 6906 1800 0006 0450 06,

Purpose: Mueller-Thurgau Competition and quantity of samples

Please send wine profile forms and samples to:

BodenseeWein e.V.
International Mueller Thurgau Competition 2021
c/o Winzerverein Hagnau
Strandbadstr. 7
D-88709 Hagnau