Terms of Participation

International Mueller Thurgau Competition 2021

Art. 1 The competition is open exclusively to still wines made from the grape variety Mueller Thurgau.

Art. 2 Mueller Thurgau , Rivaner- and Riesling x Silvaner wines of the 2020 vintage from all over the world are eligible to compete.

Art. 3 The wines in the competition are not allowed to be sold in the Discount. Only bottles with a maximum volume of 75 cl are allowed to compete.

Art. 4 Wines can be submitted by wine estates, cooperatives, commercial wineries, importers and distributors.

Art. 5 There are five categories in this competition (see below) and every Mueller Thurgau submitted must be registered in one of these categories:
Category I: dry, with up to 9g/l residual sugar and up to 94.6g/l existing alcohol
Category II: dry, with up to 9g/l residual sugar and from 94.7g/l existing alcohol
Category III: from 9g/l up to less than 18g/l residual sugar
Category IV: from 18g/l up to less than 90g/l residual sugar
Category V: lusciously sweet specialities from 90g/l residual sugar (Botrytis wines & Eiswein). Beside the vintage 2020 the vintages 2018 and 2019 are allowed to compete in this category!

Art. 6 Every participant (see Art. 4) can submit a total of four wines.

Art. 7 a) At the time of registration, at least 600 bottles of wine must be available.
b) At the time of awards at least 30 bottles of every prize-winning wine must still be available. The participants of the competition allocate 12 bottles of the prize-winning wine for the award ceremony.

Art. 8 The entry fee is 45.- EUR incl. 19% Mehrwertsteuer(VAT) for each wine. Participation is only possible after the fee has arrived.

Art. 9 Every wine submitted must be accompanied by a fully-completed wine profile form and must be sent costs and insurance free.

Art. 10 Wines that are registered in a wrong category will automatically be placed into the correct category based on residual sugar and alcohol content.

Art. 11 Timing: registrations will be accepted from 1 April 2021 until 30 April 2021.

Art. 12 Three bottles of every wine submitted with the according wine profile must be sent to:

BodenseeWein e. V.
International Mueller Thurgau Competition 2021
c/o Winzerverein Hagnau
Strandbadstr. 7
D – 88709 Hagnau

Art. 13 Wine samples must be submitted no later than the 30 April 2021. Late entries can not be considered.

Art. 14 The tasting will be conducted from BodenseeWein e. V. through independent panels.

Art. 15 All wines submitted will be tasted blind and evaluated according to the officially recognized scoring system of the DLG.

Art. 16 The decision of the jury is final.

Art. 17 The first, second and third place winners in each category as well as the top 30% will receive an award.

Art. 18 Awards will be presented at a ceremony in the Vineum of Meersburg for the winners on the 6 July 2021 (if possible).

Competition Timetable
Submission of samples: 1 April 2021 through 30 April 2021
Tasting and evaluation: 25 May 2021
Awards presentation: 6 July 2021